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Complete your agreements and forms online

Save time and money with Realworks, the online agreements and forms product designed to make everyday business easier for you.

CRM Integrated

Integrated with CRMs. And a completely open API for third party Developers.

Instant access

Portable in every sense of the word. Don't be shackled to the desktop - go anywhere, prepare and complete.


Save time. Designed with you in mind. Enter your data once and let Realworks do the heavy lifting.

"I just want to create a form/agreement quickly!"

Just want a fast, easy and pain-free way to create an agreement/form? Realworks is built around the KISS (Keep It Simple...) principle.

Realworks is cloud-based and can run on any device, all you need is a modern web browser!

"I need to send a form to a client who’s on a Mediterranean cruise."

Then send away! (While they sail away).

Our DocuSign enabled forms can be sent and signed anywhere that is connected to the internet, including the middle of the Mediterranean. A form that is DocuSign enabled is identified in your Form List by a blue tag, like this:

Sign Badge

Once signed by the client, the document is automatically emailed back to you. You can even keep track of when (and how long) the document was opened. The process is totally secure, fully compliant and legal. This Electronic Signature Technology is super-convenient for you and your clients – now they can buy or sell their house while sipping cocktails on the Lido deck.

Please note: Depending on legislation, not all forms will be enabled with DocuSign. In these cases, a remote signature will not be possible.

"How do I know these forms are compliant?"

Our forms are kept up-to-date with the latest legislation changes in their respective states. If there is a legislation change tomorrow, your draft forms and agreements will be automatically updated for you!

"OK, but I want my Agency's logo on the forms."

We agree! For Accredited Agencies, every form contains your Agency's logo and the Real Estate Institute's logo to give peace of mind to your vendor/landlord/purchaser/tenant.


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"I bet you only cater for sales forms. What about residential/ commercial/ rural leasing?"

We have forms for:

  • Residential Sales
  • Residential Property Management
  • Rural Sales
  • Commercial/Business Sales
  • Commercial/Business Leasing
  • Buyers Agency

"Can I add photos to my inspection reports?"

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device you can complete entry, exit and routine reports in minutes. Including attaching photos to your report! Check out Inspect Live here

"How secure is the cloud though?"

We store all data within Australia. We are an Australian owned and operated company. And we use the latest 128-bit SSL encryption (the same as your online banking!) for Realworks.

"What if I have a problem. Who will I be talking to?"

We pride ourselves on our technical support team. You have two levels of support with Realworks. The first level is from your local REI, they will help you with any questions you have about forms, agreements and content. When you call for technical support, you are talking directly with the development team (in Adelaide, South Australia) who created Realworks. We enjoy talking with our customers!

"I use a real estate CRM application. Does it integrate with Realworks?"

CRMs integrate directly with Realworks:

"I've got an IT team, can they integrate our CRM with Realworks?"

Absolutely. We actually created an open Developer API for this exact purpose. Any third party developer can create products/services around Realworks if they wish. Developers, please check out:

"We like to modify the agreements with our own clauses/ annexures/ attachments."

That's perfect for us. We have features that allow you to modify standard agreements to meet various scenarios. You can add your own clauses, annexures and PDF attachments if you like!

"I'm a Principal of my Agency. What control do I have over my forms?"

All Agency Principals have complete control over the users within their Agency. If an employee leaves the company, you can instantly remove Realworks access from their account as well.


Option 1 - Unlimited Forms Option

REIQ Accredited Agency fee No. of Users Quarterly Fee
Micro 1 -2 $132*
Small 3 - 5 $154*
Medium 6 - 15 $209*
Large 16 - 29 $319*
Extra Large - Cat A 30 - 39 $660*
Extra Large - Cat B 40 - 59 $880*
Extra Large - Cat C 60+ from $1,320*
Branch $110*
Non-Accredited Agency fee No. of Users Quarterly Fee
Micro 1 - 2 $286*
Small 3 - 5 $319*
Medium 6 - 15 $462*
Large 16 - 29 $638*
Extra Large - Cat A 30 - 39 $1,320*
Extra Large - Cat B 40 - 59 $1,760*
Extra Large - Cat C 60+ from $2,200*

Pricing effective from 2nd January 2024.

Option 2 - 'Pay per form' Option

Quarterly Fee
REIQ Accredited Agency $105*
Non-Accredited Agency $210*

The 'Pay per form' option is a quarterly subscription fee with additional fees for individual forms used. To view pay per form prices, click here.

Payment for Realworks can only be made within Realworks via a credit card.
We accept the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex

*Limited to one geographical location. Prices are GST Inclusive.

Multiple offices - Each REIQ Accredited Branch office of the original contracting entity can subscribe to unlimited forms using Branch Office option ($110 per quarter as above).


David Vertullo Love the convenience of a web based program. Extremely user friendly. Am enjoying the simplicity of it and especially the duplicate function. David Vertullo, Professionals Vertullo Real Estate
Shannon Courtney Very streamlined and easy to use. Clean and tidy. Easy to locate forms you are after. Shannan Courtney, Ray Bachmann Real Estate Laidley
Maree Patterson The fact you can attach a file and email directly without printing saves on administration time. Maree Patterson, Raine & Horne Oxenford
Kelly Isaacs It is accessible from anywhere making it a more flexible option. The forms are professional and of high standard. Kelly Isaacs, Ray White Manly
Holly Sprott We love the new online Realworks software. It is available 24/7 for the agents and makes the process a breeze. Holly Sprott, Ray White Bulimba
Brooke Kirkwood The snippet and template options are a fantastic idea. Saves lots of time. Overall staff are happy with the new software. Brooke Kirkwood, Elders RE Laidley

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